Comics & Sequential Work

Comic Book in a Day is an annual event held at Nickel Plate Arts in Noblesville, IN. Participants are given 12 hours to complete up to 6 pages of an original comic story.

Comic Book in a Day 2015 – The Helpful Familiar

This comic won “Best Story” and “Judge’s Favorite Panel.”

Comic Book in a Day 2016 – A Shadow Made of Stars

This comic won “Best Panel” (for the cover page), “Best Drawn,” and “Best Overall.”


Lanterns of Arcadia

Lanterns of Arcadia is my ongoing webcomic, launched in June 2016. The 16-page prologue is hosted below. The complete series can be read at and on Tapastic. Updates Sundays.
Avani Patel was content researching a method to create a better magic battery. But when her rival’s science experiment goes disastrously wrong, vicious shadow demons are released that threaten not just her work– but the existence of all magic. Avani must do her best to find out just what these monsters are, and how to stop them, before they destroy the world as she knows it.

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